prayer time India mobile app [Ramzan]


Prayer Timetable

Users can find the prayer timings of the complete month by using this feature and inform others.

Jama’at Silent Mode

During Namaz time, this amazing feature automatically silences your mobile. You may also set the silent duration manually.

Prayer Timings Alert

By having this Azan app, users will get a notification with the voice of Azan when the time of any prayer starts.


Through GPS, application will detect your present location automatically. You may add longitude and latitude for location setting.

Qibla Direction

This Namaz application has a digital and reliable qibla finder, and it helps you find the right direction of qibla anywhere in the world.

Qaza Namaz

Users will be acknowledged about their qaza namaz from time to time, and they could keep their qaza namaz records maintained.

Tasbih Counter

Users could count their tasbihaat by having this amazing feature. This feature could be useful.


This mobile application offers both Islamic and Gregorian calendars. Users may also find their Islamic events accordingly.

Multiple Languages

Prayer times application contains multiple languages, so everyone could understand as per their native language.

Different Jurisprudence

Users may know about two juristic prayer timings which would be based on Hanafi and Shafai. This application contains separate lists for both.

About this app

Azan India prayer time India is especially designed to indicate the accurate prayer for the majority of the cities of India like prayer time kerala or prayer time in delhi, this application can also

- Indicates you the accurate indian prayer times with azan (indian azan timing and prayer times).

- Reminder you before azan with the ability to choose the duration for each prayer.

- Select or download your favorite azan or Al-Moazin.

- Mute the sound of azan by making a long click on the Volume button.

- Il can help you to find the Mosques (masjid) near you with an accurate localization.

- A Compass is integrated to show the Qibla direction wherever you are!

- Times and rest time for next azan on the bar of notifications

- View monthly prayer times with corresponding Hijri date is possible with azan India.

- Possibility to adjust Azan India prayer time manually

- More than 130 Quran reciters are available in azan India.

- Downloading mp3 Quran on your phone to listen without internet connection.

- Offers the different Duaa and Adkar (invocations) that the Moslim may need in his daily life.

- Automatic display of the Azkar (wake up, morning, evening and sleep Azkars).


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