Job Fair...Markaz Knowledge city..!

 Job Fair...Markaz Knowledge city..!

 About the Job involved Official Website, Social Media, Newspaper, Recruiting through agency etc Vacancies will come in this. As sure as possible Posting. But own Investigate at risk. Admin NO RESPONSIBILITY Not having. We recruit anywhere Does not work for anyone Does not provide Opportunities..Just informing below

Each person has special abilities. Spending a person's talent for his own prosperity, community good and social service is a very necessary thing. It is the very fact that the situation that transforms that ability into Job can lead to the upliftment of a society. Therefore, our social system and the nature of work are very much connected.

About Us :

Markaz Knowledge City is an integrated township located in Calicut, Kerala, India. It is made up of eighteen distinct entities working in the realms of education, culture, health, entrepreneurship, and residence.

Our system envisioned adapting the UNSDG-2030 as part of its journey toward making sustainable cities and communities by achieving the human development goals, that the world looking for in the future. We also address the most pressing challenges that humanity faces, by crafting innovative ideas, creating opportunities, and developing human skills, thus shaping a better future inspired by the past. It is also mapped to accommodate various technological advancements and human skill missions to have a knowledge-based economy in the state of Kerala with the participation of people from different walks of life.

The city is developed with green protocols to drive economic growth and improve the quality of life of people by enabling local area development, especially the technology that leads to Smart outcomes, thus making it a model for smart cities. Good Health and Well-being and  Quality Education are the main deliverables of Markaz Knowledge City.

We work collaboratively with various institutions, organizations, and people across the world to find new possibilities for integration and networking. Our missions have truly been supportive of endeavors for global peace, ethical lifestyle, community empowerment, and inclusive Education.

Valencia Galleria Convention Center 10 am - 5 pm

• More than 100 companies

Over 10000 opportunities.

👭18 to 40 years of age

How many interviews for young women

You can participate if you want

👥You can get job anywhere in Kerala according to your qualification and skills.

To know the names of participating companies and opportunities

Join any WhatsApp group only.

Note :- Keep more than 10 resumes handy to attend more interviews.

(Not the whole set, just one page is enough)

200 registration fee to participate in this job fair

is to have At any job fairs and interviews conducted by Green Jobs for registrants

You can join for free for up to one year.

 👥Study also for those studying in Markaz Institutions

Registration fee of Rs.50 only for those who have completed (must bring ID card.

Study also for those studying in Marcus Institutions

Registration fee of Rs.50 only for those who have completed (must bring ID card.)

👥If the group is full to any number Whatsapp JF

Call for more details

8943 600 222 | 8943 900 222 | 7593 003 222 | 7593 004 222 

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